Loving Thomas Allens photography ATM!

His cut outs bring life to the 2D images we see in books and he puts them in a perspective that reflects the stories of these vintage characters. 

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A dragon made out of plastic utensils. 

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-Silhouettes Made with Single Sheets of Paper 

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pencil drawing for experts..

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Oil painting by Pedro Campos. Yes i said oil painting!!

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Crazy work by Andrew Gorkovenko using tea for the TripTea’s packaging.

Amazing Hand Paintings by Mario Mariotti.

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Yarn Bombing is a form of street art using techniques grandma may have tought you! It can be also known as guerrila knitting, graffiti knitting, urban knitting, yarnstorming etc.

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Check this out how Hong Yi (also know as Red) uses the ring of her coffee cup to stain a canvas to create a portrait of singer Jay Chou.

These works were created by Lawyer Samuel Silva, using only Ball Point pens! This just goes to show that you don`t need to be a professional artist to create amazing work!

(Source: vianaarts.deviantart.com)

Check out Korean artist Yong Ho Ji who recycles old tires and turns them into these amazing works. He also does a variety of animals and human figures in this form.